Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30/4/13 pm

Laura has had a productive day today. She is waking nicely from the sedation as is aware of things that are happening around her. She is communicating through squeezing mum and dads hands and shaking her head. The new medication seems to be working and her seizures are under control. The plan from here is to possibly take out the breathing tube in the next day or so.

Our Laura is a superstar, and keeps surprising us all, overcoming all setbacks in her way!
I think that laura is a true inspiration to all and I'm so proud to call her my sister.

Came across this in our staff prayer tonight and thought it was fitting......

Frequently remind yourself the God is with you, that He will never fail you, 
that you can count upon Him. 
Say these words, "God is with me, helping me".
(Norman Vincent Peale)

Monday, 29 April 2013


Laura has had another quiet day today. No seizures for the last 48hrs so doctors are starting to slowly reduce the sedation.

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Laura has had a very peaceful day, sleeping soundly and no more seizures. The doctors are happy, they have brought her temperature down, which is good. The plan now is to increase the breathing machine so Laura does not have to work as hard to breath and this will give her more energy to use elsewhere.

A full day of restful sleep.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

27/4/13 pm

Laura has had what the doctors say is a sedated stable day. Although the breathing tube is in she is doing most of the breathing herself and only assisted when needed. The results have not come back about her infection - this is because one test they do they have to grow culture so that takes a bit of time.

Mum and dad are having a much deserved night off, and have headed out for tea. Well I made them....and demanded that mum has a glass of wine for Laura, I'm sure Laura would be quite fine with that (four sisters of course)!!!!

I don't think tomorrow will bring any more news but they are going to lower the sedation just a little. That way they can see if a new drug they introduced today is working.

Night all, thanks for the happy thoughts and well wishes




Laura had a stable night. She is now quite sedated and they have determined that the main cause of the recent seizures was due to an inflection. They are tweaking her medication constantly in order to bring things to normal levels. The inflection is being treated by antibiotics. She will be in the ICU for a couple of days to get her body strong enough to wake.

For all those who sent gifts and kind birthday messages to Laura, thank you. We have been taking photos of the flowers and reading out cards and messages to her. Although she is in an induced coma, our Laura has got acute hearing and we now know from last time that she is able to hear some things.

Thank you also for respecting our wishes for no visitors for the moment. As you will be aware Laura is our little worrier and can get stressed if she is not able to communicate and is aware someone is there. This at this stage that is enough to cause a seizure. We need to keep her as calm as possible.

I know this must seem like a massive roller coaster marathon ride for our precious Laura but everything possible is being done, a thing that we have to keep reminding ourselves. Please post any questions or thoughts on this blog. Due to Laura's privacy and dignity I will not be posting any photos of Laura.

Lou. oxoxo

Laura's birthday.
Not quite the birthday we had hoped for Laura, although she is receiving the care which she requires. She was moved back to the ICU in the early hours of Friday morning. This was due to multiple seizures, and a drop in her oxygen levels. She was placed back on the breathing tube at around 9am to maintain her oxygen levels and clear her congested chest. She spent most of the day sedated, catching up on much needed sleep. 

Laura's progress to date...

Laura has been at Monash Clayton since Wednesday the 20th of March.

This is mums daily journal entries....

Wednesday 20/3/13
Decided to start and document Laura's journey. We have been at Monash since 12.30 Wednesday 20th afternoon. It was such a difficult thing to leave Laura in the hands of the ambos from the ambulance helicopter. We started to head to Melbourne but had not seen the helicopter take off so Graeme made Dean go back to Sale till we saw it in the air. I had been awake nearly 36hours so slept in the car which was good it didn't seem to take so long to get to Melbourne. Once we were able to see her l had a feeling she would be ok the staff were really nice to her. Although one doctor in the early days was very abrupt and told me brain damage was a deffinate how devastated we all felt. Gradually the seizures started to come back. At first it was just the eyes but then the right side and hand jumping. Lots of tests the first day MRI EEG lumberpunture Ct scans and blood tests. Lots of time in the waiting room. Letting friends and family know. We have such supportive and caring family and friends


Hi everyone, welcome to Laura's blog. We have decided to give this blogging a go to hopefully keep everyone informed and take the pressure of texting.

Laura has had so many ups and downs over the past five weeks. We will try to keep everyone well informed through this blog.