Saturday, 27 April 2013


Laura had a stable night. She is now quite sedated and they have determined that the main cause of the recent seizures was due to an inflection. They are tweaking her medication constantly in order to bring things to normal levels. The inflection is being treated by antibiotics. She will be in the ICU for a couple of days to get her body strong enough to wake.

For all those who sent gifts and kind birthday messages to Laura, thank you. We have been taking photos of the flowers and reading out cards and messages to her. Although she is in an induced coma, our Laura has got acute hearing and we now know from last time that she is able to hear some things.

Thank you also for respecting our wishes for no visitors for the moment. As you will be aware Laura is our little worrier and can get stressed if she is not able to communicate and is aware someone is there. This at this stage that is enough to cause a seizure. We need to keep her as calm as possible.

I know this must seem like a massive roller coaster marathon ride for our precious Laura but everything possible is being done, a thing that we have to keep reminding ourselves. Please post any questions or thoughts on this blog. Due to Laura's privacy and dignity I will not be posting any photos of Laura.

Lou. oxoxo


  1. Thanks for setting this up Lou. It means a lot to everyone I'm sure. Lots of hugs and love to my Mowat family xxx

  2. so glad you set this up so we can keep up with what is happening to laura give her my love and tell her im thinking of her
    love from vicky ex workmate from spotty noarlunga xxx