Saturday, 27 April 2013

Laura's progress to date...

Laura has been at Monash Clayton since Wednesday the 20th of March.

This is mums daily journal entries....

Wednesday 20/3/13
Decided to start and document Laura's journey. We have been at Monash since 12.30 Wednesday 20th afternoon. It was such a difficult thing to leave Laura in the hands of the ambos from the ambulance helicopter. We started to head to Melbourne but had not seen the helicopter take off so Graeme made Dean go back to Sale till we saw it in the air. I had been awake nearly 36hours so slept in the car which was good it didn't seem to take so long to get to Melbourne. Once we were able to see her l had a feeling she would be ok the staff were really nice to her. Although one doctor in the early days was very abrupt and told me brain damage was a deffinate how devastated we all felt. Gradually the seizures started to come back. At first it was just the eyes but then the right side and hand jumping. Lots of tests the first day MRI EEG lumberpunture Ct scans and blood tests. Lots of time in the waiting room. Letting friends and family know. We have such supportive and caring family and friends

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