Friday, 24 May 2013


Laura has settled well into rehab at the Casey hospital. We are very proud of her she has done so well. It is not so busy here and the staff are great. They are in the process of taloring a program for her and the aim is to get her back to what she was  before the seizures started.
She is showing small improvements every day.
For those who have asked she is in ward D room 29.
Thanks to everyone that have  sent messages we read them all to Laura she is very grateful for all the good wishes.


  1. Hi Laura so happy to see you are doing so well. Have been following your progress thru your family's efforts - thankyou to them all for allowing us to share this journey with you. Dont give the staff to much cheek (at first) but do dazzle them with your wit and humor :) Sending the biggest recovery wishes your way. Sarah from Meadows

  2. Hi laura glad you are slowly improving keep up the good work and you'll soon be home. thinking of you vicky noarlunga spotty