Sunday, 5 May 2013


Got to see big sis today, she is looking so beautiful. So much better than this time last week.

She is still gracing the ICU with her presence, and has them wrapped around her little finger.
Who can not but love her....

She had her own little ICU salon (Laura style ) today with, head massage and wash, legs shaved, and an all over nutrametics apricot moisturising  (Thank Maxine!).

Laura is doing well although.......she was a little restless today, but nothing a good nights sleep won't fix. The seizures are defiantly slowing (I didn't see one in the 4 hours I spent with her). Doctors are happy with her progress.

Oh an Linda, she loved seeing the quilt. It put a huge smile on her face.
We love that smile.....thank you.

Lou. xo

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