Monday, 6 May 2013


Laura has had a good day today, she had a really good night sleep last night. She is still a bit uncomfortable, which is to be expected. (And this is really a good sign, because it means she is completely off the sedation and is functioning on her own is starting to associate what is causing aches and pains etc.)

We think Laura is now ready for a trickle of visitors, one a day would be great. I know everyone is very keen to see her :) :)
 Contact mum and work out the best time and day, we need Laura to hear lots of normal day to day things about what's happening in your lives, to keep her thinking of other things (the hospital is not giving mum and dad much small talk to share with Laura.) even photos of things would be great.

Laura is still in the ICU, she is ready to be moved to the back to the ward although we are waiting on a bed.  We will let you know when this happens.